Was our survey really confidential?

A number of tenants have come back to us to ask if your responses to the survey are truly confidential given the fact that your name and address was printed on the front.

The survey had the following paragraph on the front: “The survey is being carried out on our behalf by an independent specialist called ARP Research. Anything you tell ARP Research is completely confidential and will be used only to look at the overall trends in tenant satisfaction.”

The results are collated by ARP Research and we receive a file containing all the responses. The file does not include any personal information and we’re not able to identify anyone from the file.

We offered everyone the chance to win one of six £50 vouchers. These have now been allocated. ARP Research chose six tenants at random and provided just their tenant reference to SHAL in a separate file. We’re not able to link these six tenants to their responses.