1. ID-100252223SHAL will always grant weekly assured tenancies on
    • social rent; or
    • an affordable rent set at 80% market value at the date of letting.
  2. Only newly built properties funded with some financial assistance from the Homes and Communities Agency (or any successor body) will be charged affordable rents.
  3. SHAL will, usually, advertise vacant properties through Homefinder Somerset and give preference to its own tenants for 1 in 4 lettings.
  4. In offering applicants a tenancy, SHAL will expect those applicants, on accepting that offer, to comply with all the requirements of the tenancy agreement including, but not limited to, paying the rent, avoiding anti-social behaviour and avoiding criminal activity and tenancy fraud. SHAL will seek to evict those in serious breach of the tenancy agreement.
  5. SHAL will not re-house tenants it has evicted for breaches of the tenancy agreement at any time.
  6. SHAL will allow members of a family to succeed to a tenancy in accordance with statutory rights only.
  7. SHAL will provide advice on benefits and signpost tenants to sources of housing advice where a tenancy is coming to an end.
  8. SHAL will provide advice to tenants wishing to move to a smaller property than they currently occupy, either remaining with SHAL or moving to property owned by another landlord.
  9. SHAL participates in an internet based mutual exchange service and will provide advice and support to tenants wishing to use the service.

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