The new Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard includes the TSMs (see Section 2.4). All providers of social housing are required to make the TSMs available to all tenants. Providers with over 1,000 homes are required to submit the TSMs to the Regulator of Social Housing. SHAL has under 1,000 homes.

There are 22 TSMs. 12 are collected from tenant perception surveys and 10 are generated from management information.

Here are SHAL’s TSMs for the year ending 31 March 2024.

Overall satisfaction

Keeping properties in good repair

Maintaining building safety

Respectful and helpful engagement

Effective handling of complaints

Responsible neighbourhood management

1 This measure doesn’t apply to SHAL. It relates to legionella risk assessments (water safety checks).

2 This measure doesn’t apply to SHAL. It relates to communal passenger lifts (not lifts in people’s homes). However, SHAL checks stair lifts once a year and through floor lifts twice a year.

3 These reported figures are higher than the actual figures because they are shown as “per 1000 homes”. SHAL has 775 homes and received 51 complaints and 39 reports of anti-social behaviour.

You can read our full Annual Report and Financial Statements for more information or Report of the Board of Management which contains the new Value for Money Metrics.