ID-100240741When we know we will have a vacant property (either because we have purchased or built a new house or one of our tenants is leaving) we normally advertise the property in Homefinder Somerset.  This service started in 2008 and covers the whole of Somerset. Many landlords, including SHAL, advertise property to let on this service.  We will explain what type of property it is, how big it is and give a description of the facilities.

If we are restricting letting to a particular category of people, we will say so. Often there will be photo.  To see properties available visit To show you are interested in a property you will have to register first with Homefinder Somerset. Details of how to do this are shown on their website or at the office of one of the participating councils.

SHAL is able to produce a list of people who have shown an interest for the vacant property and this list is in a priority order. We will offer the home to one of the people on that list. You can check out recent lets on the website.  We do reserve some properties specifically for SHAL tenants who wish to move but stay tenants of SHAL.

The offer letter will give details of the house concerned.  We will explain the rights and obligations of the tenancy. The prospective tenant can decide whether to accept, or not. Either way, we will tell the Council what is happening.  On the day the tenancy is to start the new tenant will be invited to sign the Tenancy Agreement and collect the keys. As part of this process we will explain the Agreement in detail – a process which does take some time.


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