Where do we advertise our homes?

All our available homes are advertised on Homefinder Somerset. You’ll need to be registered there so you can place a bid for a home when one becomes available.

How do I apply?

All our homes are for rent and available to everyone registered on Homefinder Somerset who is eligible for the type of home advertised. However, we may occasionally restrict who will be considered. Also, some homes may be restricted to people with a local connection to the area.

All bids for a particular home will be passed to us from Homefinder Somerset for us to consider.

How do we make a decision?

We’ll contact you if we’re in a position to take your application further. We’ll:

  • visit you where you live now and go through your application (we’ll need to meet everyone in your household)
  • ask your current landlord (if applicable) for a reference
  • complete an affordability check with you, including an independent benefits calculator to make sure you’re maximising your income and are claiming everything you’re entitled to before you become a tenant – you’ll be required to pay at least 1 month’s rent before your tenancy starts
  • make sure the home is right for you and your household

We’ll then decide whether to offer you a tenancy for the home.

What type of tenancy will I be offered?

We’ll confirm they type of tenancy we’re able to offer (and when you’ll be able to move in) as part of the application process.