When you become a SHAL tenant and join our community you’ll sign a tenancy agreement. We provide safe, warm and affordable homes for life on assured tenancy agreements.

You may have a “starter” tenancy initially. This means that for the first 12 months it will be an assured shorthold tenancy. We can extend the starter period for up to 6 months – but only once. We could end your tenancy during the starter period if you’re breaching the terms of it.

If you had an assured non-shorthold or secure tenancy with another social housing provider immediately before signing our tenancy agreement you won’t have a starter period with us.

If we’ve not extended your tenancy, it will become an assured non-shorthold tenancy at the end of the starter period. You’ll have additional rights detailed in section 6 of the agreement.


The tenancy agreement will confirm the rent payable each week. Most of our homes have a “social” rent while some have an “affordable” rent. The type of rent we charge is decided when they’re built. All rent are reviewed in April.

You always need to be in credit with your rent. We’ll ask you to pay at least one month when you sign the agreement and set up a direct debit. Being behind with your rent is one of the reasons why we might extend (or even end) your starter tenancy.

Service charge

You may need to pay a service charge. If you do, we’ll confirm how much (and what services it pays for) in the tenancy agreement. If you pay a “social” rent the service charge will show as a separate amount. If you pay an “affordable” rent the service charge will be included in the rent.

Tenancy agreements

Here are examples of the tenancy agreements you’ll be asked to sign – you’ll only be asked to sign one, depending on your circumstances:

Assured tenancy agreement

Assured tenancy (with starter period)

EASY TO READ SUMMARY of your tenancy agreement