ID-10069412Your rent is charged to your account every Monday.  There are no ‘rent free’ weeks and rent should always be paid in advance.  This means you make a payment before the rent is charged to your account.  For example, if you pay monthly you should pay August’s rent at the beginning of August and not at the end.

Whether you pay weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly payments should be made in advance so your rent account is always in credit (shown as ‘Pre’ on your rent statement).  There are lots of different ways you can pay your rent.

However you decide to pay your rent you should always make sure you pay the correct amount.  For example, if your rent is £100.00 per week you should pay either:

  • £100.00 per week
  • £400.00 every 4 weeks – this will be a different date each month (e.g. Housing Benefit is paid every 4 weeks)
  • £433.33 every month – this will be the same date each month (e.g. Universal Credit is paid monthly)

There are lots of ways you can pay your rent…

Direct Debit

This is the quickest and easiest way to pay your rent.  They can be set up to be taken on a date of your choice and as frequently as you want.  We cannot take the first payment for 10 working days but once set up the amount can be increased or decreased in line with changes to your rent.  You can ask us for a form to complete so we can take payments directly from your bank account. If you’d like to speak to your Housing Officer about Direct Debits just text DD to 07984355553.


Paying your rent online is quick and easy.  Just follow this link!

The allpay app

It’s the smart way to pay your rent.  The allpay app is available to download for free from Apple App Store, Windows Phone Store and Google Play.  This enables you to pay your rent from your Apple, Windows or Android smartphone anytime, anywhere.  It securely stores Payment Reference Numbers, bank details and payment amounts.

Debit card

You can pay over the phone 24/7 by calling 01278 444344 and press option 1.  You can also make debit card payments online.

If you make a payment direct to allpay you need your Payment Reference Number. If you don’t know it you can text REF to 07984355553.

Standing Order

This is where you ask your bank to send payments to us.  They can be set up to be taken on a date of your choice and as frequently as you want.  Unlike a Direct Debit we cannot change the amount.  You need to ask your bank to change what is paid and when.

PayPoint and Post Office

When you sign your tenancy agreement we will order you a PayPoint card.  You can make payments wherever you see the PayPoint sign.  Payments can take up to 3 days to reach your account form the PayPoint.  If you’ve lost your card we can order you a new one. Just text CARD to 07984355553. You can also make payments at your local Post Office.