SHAL has over 760 homes across Somerset.  We have to date not had a policy of voluntarily disposing of any of our homes because we want to make as much of a contribution as we can to the neighbourhoods in which we work.

You may have a Right to Acquire your home (at the moment SHAL tenants cannot buy their home under the Right to Buy scheme).

The schemes are very different and any discount you may be entitled to is capped at £10,000 off the value of your home (a lot less than the maximum Right to Buy discount of £80,900).  There are costs involved in buying and keeping your home.  You need to be aware of what they are – and the importance of making sure you can afford them.  Please read our information leaflet for more information.

We’re not able to sell some of our homes because they’re in “Designated Rural Areas”.  These areas are defined in Part VIII of Schedule 1 of the UK Statutory Instrument 1997 No. 621 and is not an internal SHAL policy.  If you’re not sure which Parish you live in you can check online by choosing to show the Civil Parishes or Communities boundaries.

Further information about the Right to Acquire scheme is also available on the government’s website including the application form.

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