You can report anti-social behaviour by text 24/7.  Just text ASB (plus a message) to 07984 355553 and your Housing Officer will call you back to discuss the incident and what can be done.

SHAL Housing Limited hopes its tenants will respect their neighbours’ right to a quiet life. It is acknowledged that, at times, there can be difficulties because of a neighbour’s behaviour. This can be caused by lifestyle differences (for instance families with young children living next to elderly people or shift workers) or boundary disputes (including overhanging trees, for instance) but it can sometimes be caused by anti-social behaviour.

SHAL Housing has a policy on its approach to anti-social behaviour and defines anti-social behaviour as including:

  • excessive noiseID-100174324
  • intimidation and harassment
  • aggressive and threatening language and behaviour
  • dumping of vehicles
  • actual violence against people and property
  • graffiti
  • hate behaviour that targets members of identified groups because of their perceived differences
  • offensive drunkenness
  • using housing accommodation for unlawful purposes
  • selling drugs

An occasional problem will normally be dealt with by pleasant, non-confrontational, face-to-face discussion between the person wronged and the person causing the problem.  SHAL sees a complaint of anti-social behaviour as a request for help in a serious matter. SHAL believes it is the place of the community to assist, and will advise where that help can be found. SHAL also believes it is important that the complainant must remain central to the pursuance of the complaint, and be aware of all action taken by others.  SHAL will provide support for proven complaints, and provide advice on further action which can be taken.

Further information and advice about your neighbourhood and community can be found on the Avon & Somerset Constabulary website.

Anyone complaining about or suffering from domestic abuse can speak to us and we’ll do everything we can to help.  You can find out more online.

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