Planned improvements: balancing the books

We’re proud to have a comprehensive planned maintenance programme in place. We carry out regular improvements to our properties, including new kitchens, bathrooms, doors and boilers. As you will appreciate, this work is expensive and we rely on income from rents, service and other charges to pay for it. Unfortunately, a small number of tenants consistently fail to pay what they owe and we spend time and money trying to recover what’s owed.

After serious consideration, we have decided that we will only carry out non-essential improvements if there are no debts outstanding to SHAL.  If there are outstanding debts we will need to agree a payment plan with you to reduce them – and you would need to stick to that payment plan consistently over an agreed period of time and reduce the debt significantly.

If you are experiencing financial problems and would like to speak to someone please call your Housing Officer on 01278 444344 or text RENTS (and your message) to 07984 355553.

Thank you