Newsletter Spring/Summer 2017

It’s that time again!  This is your newsletter for Spring/Summer 2017

If you don’t normally bother reading your newsletter we’d love to know why. Don’t worry, we won’t take it personally. How can we change it? Don’t forget the competition – the deadline has been extended to 21 August. Good luck!

Fire safety

We’ve all been shocked and deeply upset by what’s happened recently at Grenfell Tower in London. Our thoughts are with those people affected. The tallest block of flats we have is 3 floors high (including the ground floor) and although we don’t have any tower blocks or buildings with cladding on them we want to make sure you and your loved ones are safe and you all know what to do if the worst was to happen. We’ve enclosed some information about fire safety. Involve your children and make sure they know fire can kill and all of us can prevent it.

What’s going on?

It’s been a busy year for SHAL. We’ve kicked off the second year of our Planned Maintenance programme. This is being co-ordinated by our new Maintenance Manager, Simon White, with assistance from Paul Bennett, our new Maintenance Administrator. “Tenants Together” is a group being run by John Shipley.  They are working with tenants to help them understand what we do and how we do it. Likewise, they’re working with us to help us improve our services.

Here comes the summer sun

There’s advice on how to be safe in the sun. There are also ideas from Martin ‘money saving expert’ Lewis on how to entertain your family without breaking the bank.

Health & wellbeing

Be inspired to change your diet (and your life) by Amanda. There’s also help and advice if you or a loved one are dealing with poor mental health and how to spring clean your house in a day

Thank you