Vulnerability comes in all shapes and sizes

“Protecting the most vulnerable from harm is the number one policing priority that I have set Avon and Somerset Constabulary, after local people told me it was most important to them.

“Vulnerability comes in all shapes and sizes and can affect anyone at any given period in their lives. I’ve thought a lot about vulnerability this week as the Government published their Rough Sleeping Strategy. One could argue, what’s more vulnerable than being homeless and having to sleep on our streets, open to the elements and far away from the stability a home setup offers. On top of this, many of those who face rough sleeping often have associated and complex needs such as holding the pain of tragedy or exploitation, battling substance misuse issues or suffering from mental health crises.

“While I as your Police and Crime Commissioner and the police will do all we can within our gift to support those who are homeless, it’s clear this societal problem cannot be solved by policing alone. Working together with partners such as Bristol City Council, local housing providers and other support services will be vital in keeping people off our streets.”

Sue Mountstevens

Police and Crime Commissioner

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