Universal Credit: keeping you up-to-date

Did you know:

  1. From January 2018, customers can receive up to 100% of their UC award, including housing costs, in advance. The repayment period has been extended to 12 months.
  2. From February 2018, the 7 day wait will be removed for all customers. This means no customer should wait more than 5 weeks for their first payment. Waiting days still apply to legacy benefits.
  3. From April 2018, customers transferring from Housing Benefit will be entitled to an additional two weeks’ worth of support while they wait for their first UC payment.
  4. All new UC claims from a family with 3 or more children will be routed back to tax credits until January 2019.

Remember: since December 2017 the phone number to contact UC is free!

0800 328 9344