Trust your trader

We’re encouraging all our tenants to be very careful about making sure they stay safe in their home. This includes knowing who you might let in to carry out repairs and maintenance that are your responsibility. Here’s a story from one of our tenants that she wanted to share:

“In August 2019 I moved into my SHAL home after a mutual exchange. I brought my cooker from my previous home and made enquiries about getting it connected. As I use Facebook I decided to post a status on various Buy and Sell sites asking if people would be able to recommend a reputable electrician who would be able to connect my cooker.

“I had numerous replies, but this one person was tagged repeatedly in my status with numerous comments stating that he was very good.  As there were a lot of positive things said about this guy, I thought I would contact him. We communicated via Facebook Messenger and he agreed he would be able to do the work.  We agreed on £100.  He requested I should pay him £50 up front and he would come and collect the money.  I refused telling him I would be out of pocket if he never came back to do the job so he said that he would collect all the money on the day.

“He turned up on the day and time arranged – and in a marked van.  He was wearing a hi vis jacket but this had no company logo.  When he came to the door he wanted to see the money before he started.  When I showed him the money he then produced a corgi registered certificate.  He quickly got on with the job and was very polite clearing up after himself.  I paid him £100 and he left.  He did not leave any paperwork/invoice but the cooker was working so I was happy with the work.

“In January this year the electric in both my children’s bedrooms started to trip and I was concerned that something was wrong.  I contacted SHAL who sent around their electrician.  After checking everything he checked the cooker and found that it had been poorly connected. He told me this could have caused a fire.”