This government values housing associations

The Prime Minister has announced £2bn of new funding for housing associations to build homes in a speech that puts social housing at the heart of the nation’s priorities – and housing associations at the heart of delivering them.

“For too long, your work has gone unrecognised and under-appreciated at the highest levels.  But no longer.  This government values housing associations.  Over the past two years we have worked with you, listened to you, and responded to you.

“You asked for our support, and you have our support.  Not mere lip service, but real policies, real change, real action.  Now it is your turn to act, building the homes we need and challenging the attitudes that hold us back.

“Fixing our broken housing market will not be quick or easy.  But it can be done.  And, with this government’s support, housing associations can be at the centre of making it happen.  Building on more than a century of history, and carrying forward the torch of high-quality, affordable housing for generations to come.”

You can read the Prime Minister’s full speech online.