The stigma of social housing

Social Housing is provided by the government or nonprofit organizations for those with particular needs or a low income, and introduced to improve the devastating amount of homelessness throughout the 19th century. Housing associations such as SHAL continue today to provide and support those in need. Despite its genuine intentions, social housing has become stigmatised.

Those living in social housing feel targeted for where they live, with a sense of shame attached to their tenancy. It is of the upmost importance that the stigma of social housing is removed, to reaffirm that “My tenancy does not define who I am.”

Benefit to Society has recently launched a campaign to see the person and not the stereotype.  Our recent work experience student wrote an article on the subject and you can read it here.

We’d like to know what you think about the stigmatisation of social housing and its tenants. What do you think about the government’s green paper published yesterday?