Rural housing: 5 steps to fix the crisis

The Campaign to Protect Rural England’s Lois Lane makes five key suggestions to the government to ensure more genuinely affordable homes are built in rural areas, ensuring that villages and market towns remain vibrant and thriving places for future generations to live and work.

Our countryside is in the grip of a housing crisis. In over 90% of rural local authorities, average house prices are more than eight times higher than average incomes, while a single person on a median rural wage can expect to spend 46% of their income on rent.

The revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and forthcoming Social Housing Green Paper both offer opportunities for the Government to demonstrate that it is serious about tackling this rural housing crisis; but to do so they must:

  • Help to bring forward land cheaply
  • Hold developers accountable
  • Be properly rural-proofed
  • Empower rural communities
  • Build more genuinely affordable homes

You can read the full report online