ID-100211180Value for Money is judged by each of us on our own terms.  It is the balance between cost and quality.

Each of us has our own opinion about what we think something is worth.

SHAL Housing is determined to get as much value as possible out of the rents tenants pay, the loans and the grants we get from the Homes and Communities Agency to build new homes, and the assets we hold in trust for the communities we serve.

We will improve the quality and reduce the cost of what we do by:

  • Understanding what our customers are asking for and why
  • Actively managing homes and other assets to deliver maximum financial and social value
  • Being clear about what we do and why we do it
  • Designing our systems against tenant value, taking out inefficiency, duplication and waste
  • Listening to feedback from our tenants, employees and stakeholders
  • Continually challenging how we think and what we do
  • Working with others to understand our impacts on the wider community and service sectors

We will measure value for money by:

  • Scoring tenant satisfaction
  • Measuring the financial and social performance of assets
  • Capturing savings we make and showing how we invest them
  • Measuring our performance and comparing it against the best
  • Measuring our impact on the communities we serve

You can read our full Annual Report and Financial Statements for more information or Report of the Board of Management which contains the new Value for Money Metrics.

What do you think?

If you have any comments about SHAL’s Value for Money self assessment please email them to SHAL’s Chief Executive, Angela Gascoigne.  Her email address is:

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