ID-10069245We want to make it easy for you to keep in touch with us.  You can visit our office, call, text, email and fax us or send us a letter in the post.

We will always acknowledge your contact with us even if we’re not able to provide you with an answer or a solution immediately.  We will explain what needs to done before we can provide that answer or solution.

If we’re not able to help you we will do our best to direct you to the right person or organisation that can.

When you contact us we will always:

  • Be friendly, courteous and professional
  • Listen to what you are saying and understand what you want
  • Be clear about what we can do and advise you of what will happen next
  • Agree a timescale for our response and keep you informed of our progress
  • Give you our name and number so you know who you have spoken to and make sure you know who to contact if we’re not able to resolve things straight away

 When we visit you we will always:

  • Agree a time that’s convenient
  • Make an appointment and stick to it and let you know if we’re running late or need to change the appointment
  • Show you identification and give you our name so you know who we are

When you visit our office we will always:

  • Have up-to-date information and leaflets available
  • Allow you to use our free internet
  • See you immediately and resolve your enquiry.  If the member of staff who needs to help you is not available we will agree a time to contact you back
  • Give you the option of speaking to us in a private room

Our complaints procedure

SHAL Housing aims to provide high quality services.  However, there will be times when we make mistakes and we can’t always get things right.  When that happens we want our customers to feel comfortable in letting us know.  If you are unhappy about SHAL’s services you can make a complaint.  Further information and guidance is available in our complaints page.

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