New community hub for Hamp

A new community hub has opened up in the row of shops on Rhode Lane. It’s an excellent facility with a meeting room, café facilities, Wi-Fi and general work space.

SHAL has access to these facilities and can use them in the future to hold meetings and carry out consultation work – or any other events we may want to run in the area. It’s been agreed that partners of the scheme will take turns in being based there to open it up and provide a one-stop service to local residents.

Our Housing Officer, Becki, will be based there on the last working Monday of each month to begin with. The police are also going now and then and other local housing providers have been asked if they would like to be involved too.

This will make everything more accessible for the residents on the estate and allow you to attend a drop-in service should you want to.

The dates announced so far are:

Monday 28 May

Monday 25 June

Monday 30 July

Monday 27 August