General election: housing matters

Political parties are starting to release their manifestos ahead of the general election in December. What do they say about housing?

The National Housing Federation is looking into what they say about housing (and other important issues including welfare reform and homelessness) and publishing summaries online.

You can find out more by visiting the National Housing Federation online.

The Lobbying Act 2014 means any written materials (such as newsletters or website and social media content) published by any organisation not registered with the Electoral Commission should not be reasonably deemed as intended to influence people to vote a certain way. This includes any calls we make for advancing policies that are very clearly advocated or opposed by a particular political party or candidate. This includes what landlords share with their tenants.

We do not seek or intend to influence anyone to vote in a certain way. However, we encourage all our tenants to know the facts, have their say and vote.