Emergency repairs when we’re closed

We’ve changed the number you need to call if you have an emergency when we’re closed.

You will need to call 07889 537164.

This will get you straight through to the Maintenance Operative who is on call.

An emergency is anything that risks anyone’s health and safety or the structure of the building. Examples include:

  • Total loss of electricity, gas or water
  • Major fault with electric supply, unsafe electricity fittings or gas leak
  • Blocked flues, main drains, soil pipes or soil toilets
  • Burst water main, flooding, fire or severe storm damage
  • Breaches of security to outside doors and windows
  • Failure of lift
  • Heating or hot water loss for elderly or vulnerable tenants (or for all tenants between 31 October and 1 May)

If, for example, a window is broken during the night we will make safe and board up but you will still be responsible for re-glazing the window. A good home contents insurance policy should cover things like this.