District heating: up-date

Last month I wrote to you to tell you about the consultation on the District Heating scheme and many of you have had a conversation with the people carrying out the consultation to let them know your thoughts and wishes.

The results of the consultation were considered by Sedgemoor District Council and SHAL. Sedgemoor District Council felt that residents did not express sufficient interest in the scheme to take it forward to planning application stage. Therefore the scheme will not proceed.

For you, personally, this means that there are no changes being planned by SHAL to your heating system as the only way of making the district heating system viable was for at least 160 households to enrol into it.

However, I am continuing to look at alternative heating systems for tenants of SHAL who are ‘off gas’ and I will be in contact with you within the next 2 months to let you know what these alternatives might be.

If you are feeling really disappointed right now I want you to know that I share that disappointment. However, SHAL is committed to trying to find an alternative solution if at all possible and I will be back in touch.

I know there were different views about the scheme which means that there may be a range of reactions to this letter. If you want to share your reaction with me please do so either by letter, responding to the address on this letter, by email to Angela@shal.org by text on 07834747972 or phone 01278442005.