Condensation and mould

It’s a common problem this time of the year when we close the windows, turn the heating up and are forced to dry the washing indoors. Leaving some windows in your home open slightly helps ventilate the rooms and removes the warm wet air so it doesn’t stay on the cold walls of your home.

The condensation you see on your windows every morning can build up on your walls too and this causes the mould.

You can get things like Drip Strips and interior dehumidifiers (£1.00/each, Proper Job) to put on your window ledge to soak up condensation and prevent mould growth.

You always need to make sure you remove mould regularly using specialist products and continue to clean the area to prevent it coming back. These products include things like Fungicidal Spray (£3.50/500ml, Wilko) or Mould & Mildew Remover (£0.90/750ml, Wilko).

Extractor fans

We install Envirovent extractor fans in all new bathrooms and kitchens as standard.  We also install them in homes that experience problems with condensation and mould, replacing older ineffective extractor fans.  They also have great information and advice on how to control mould before it controls you.