Carbon monoxide alarms

What to do when a Carbon Monoxide detector goes off

If a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector goes off the Gas Safety Trust recommends that tenants should:-
open doors and windows

  • turn any gas off at the emergency control valve
  • avoid using naked flames or electrical switches
  • evacuate the home until the alarm has stopped
  • telephone the National Gas Emergency Service by dialling 0800 111 999 if you have gas in the home

Note that National Grid operates the National Gas Emergency Number (0800 111 999) across Great Britain. Reports or actual escapes of CO are responded to and made safe at no charge to the relevant Gas Transporter/Emergency Service Provider responsible for the network.

Tenants with solid fuel or oil fuelled heating should also open doors and windows and evacuate.

The Carbon Monoxide – Be Alarmed website offers further advice:-
If you feel unwell:

  • Go to your GP, call NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or, if it is urgent, call 999 for an ambulance

If someone is seriously ill from Carbon Monoxide poisoning it is vital they are removed immediately from the contaminated area, placed into the open air and given pure oxygen, if available. Victims should be kept at rest, avoiding exertion. You need to call for medical help urgently.

If you receive medical attention, be sure to state that you suspect Carbon Monoxide poisoning to ensure you receive appropriate treatment, such as a breath or blood test.
If fire breaks out or victims need to be rescued from a property call 999 for the fire brigade.

Further information is available here