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About SHAL Housing Limited

Welcome to SHAL Housing. We own and manage flats and houses for people who need to rent, rather than own, a home.

Through our subsidiary company, we also manage property for other landlords, and so extend the supply of housing for our customers.

On this site you will find information about SHAL Housing, where we work, what we do, and how well we perform. You can contact us through this site, and, as an organisation committed to open and accountable ways of working, we will be happy, in most circumstances, to supply further information about us.

We are a social landlord, with charitable objects, working in Somerset, UK,and registered with the Homes and Communities Agency.

SHAL provides leaflets on most topics and these can be accessed by Click here to visit SHAL's Leaflet Information Pageclicking on the link above.

Board Members
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If you would like to become a Board Member why not read our page on Membership and then contact us!

Business Plan
Our Business Plan is reviewed annually. Want to know about our aims and find out what we are all about? Click on the link above.

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