About SHAL

What are we?
We are a provider of affordable homes to rent
We are:-

  • independant
  • a not-for-profit company
  • community based

Who are we?
We are:-

  • Somerset based
  • a voluntary Board with a professional staff
    ordinary people from the community, including

What do we do?

  • provide homes, not just a place to sleep for six
  • provide services to our tenants, that our tenants want
    keep our properties in good repair
  • provide advice on benefits to help our tenants
    maximise their income
  • buy and build new homes
  • manage not only our own property, but also property
    on behalf of others
  • have 92% tenant satisfaction with our service

Who we employ
We have:-

  • qualified staff – who cover housing, accountancy and
    building maintenance
  • arrangements with contractors and suppliers across
  • trainee and apprentice policies

Who checks our work?
We are:-

  • held to account by our tenants
    scrutinised by local authorities
  • supervised by a Government body who regulate us
    audited by nationally recognised accountants – Smith &
  • quality assured; our operation meets British Standard
    BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and we are monitored by BSI

Further information is available here